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First Quality Music has just released their new catalog. Every banjo luthier and player should have this catalog. It's more than just a catalog. Almost every banjo part you could possibly want is in there. It's huge, it's beautiful. It will make you drool! There are lots of photos of their new engraving work, as well as plenty of tips on setup. Their web site is

Stewart-MacDonald has been around a long time. They carry plenty of parts, as well.

Greg Boyd carries the Prucha parts from the Czech Republic. Prucha makes parts for Gibson instruments. You can find him at

Do you sell banjo parts? No. I do not sell banjo parts. Contact one of the above people for parts.

What about different banjo neck woods? Do they really affect the sound of a banjo? Click here for information.

What about these new carbon graphite banjo necks? What are they like? Click here for information.

What about these Fults banjo tailpieces? How do they differ from the traditional Presto tailpiece? What do they do to the sound of a banjo? For some answers, click here.

Will different bridges change the sound of my banjo? Click here to find out.
          New bridge reviews added January 25, 2004


What about these "Tone Bell™" rims? How do they work? Learn more about them here.
          For unsolicited testimonials for the Tone Bell™ system click here.
          For Unsolicited Testimonial E-mail From Buddy Woodward of The Ghost Rockets Click here

What is this "submerged" wood or this "Timeless Timber"®? What does it do?
For lots of information about this, click here.

What about "submerged" wood rims or "Timeless Timber"® rims? What are they? Click here for more information.

What is this new. improved Tony Pass rim that I keep hearing about on the banjo lists? Click here to find out.

What about these Carolina Acoustic rims that were on the market for a while, then suddenly disappeared? Now I see them on eBay again. For a report click here.

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