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How to buy a banjo (or any other musical instrument.) For some pointers, click here

I want a good sounding banjo, but I can't afford one of the "professional" instruments. Here's a solution!

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Here's another one -- a really nice banjo from First Quality Musical Supplies.

Serial numbers and other information about pre-war Gibson banjos. Tom Biggs' Banjo Pages may have what you need.

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What about these "ball bearing" banjos? Are they any good? For my view on this, click here.

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There are some very fine banjos being made in the Czech Republic by Jaroslav Prucha. His company, Prucha Bluegrass Instruments, also makes great banjo parts and wonderful mandolins. To learn more, click here.

I saw a "Palmer" banjo for sale. What can you tell me about them? For the answers click here.

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What about this mysterious RB-4 that Earl Scruggs once owned?
          Is it really the one he used to record "Ground Speed?"
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There are rumors that Mike Longworth and Paul Hopkins designed a banjo shortly before Mike passed away? Where can I find out about it? For the answer, click here.

There is a review of my LouZee™ banjo right here.

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There is a rumor that Bill Sullivan of First Quality Music is now building Sullivan banjos. Could this be true? Click here to learn the truth.

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