Special Announcement

Tone Bell (TM) banjo rims now available from Janet Davis Music Co.

By special arrangement, Janet Davis Music Co. is now the authorized manufacturer of Tone Bell (TM) banjo rims. Individuals who wish to produce these for their own use may certainly do so, but I have authorized Janet to manufacture these rims for you. If you do not have the skills necessary to work on a banjo rim, or you wish to try the Tone Bell (TM) system on your banjo, without altering it permanently, I recommend that you let Janet do this for you. She has the machinery, the experience and the staff to do the job correctly, so you won't have to worry about damaging anything.

When you have work done on a rim, it is most important that the person doing the job be aware of the tolerances that need to be observed on a banjo. More than one rim has been ruined completely by a well-intentioned "master" wood turner who did not understand that a tolerance of 1/16" was not close enough! Let the people with the experience do your work for you. It is far less expensive than you would imagine!

She will be including with each completed rim a sticker which the purchaser may place inside the rim after putting on whatever finish they want to have on it. Click here to access her web page.

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